Creating Animated Banner Ads: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating an animated banner ad is now easier than ever, thanks to online tools like Creatopy and Viewst. With these tools, you can start from a blank board or take one of the many existing templates and modify them to match your expectations. You can also enter the requested dimensions manually if you cannot find the size you are looking for. Before you start creating your banner ad, you need to decide on the size and format.

Popular sizes include 728 × 90, 300 × 250, 468 × 60, and 120 × 600. Additionally, Google Ads has a complete set of rules that detail banner sizes, the maximum file size of an animated ad banner (150 KB), the amount of text, and much more. Once you have chosen the size and format of your banner ad, you can start creating it. If you are using Photoshop, you will need to set the frame rate (by default, 30 fps) and choose GIF as the file output type and 256 colors.

You can also set the Looping option to “Once” instead of “Forever”. If you are using HTML5, you can integrate animation with rich media such as video, audio, and other interactive elements. HTML5 code is embedded in websites, so these ads can handle complex animations while respecting the size limits of the ad server. The proven toolkit for creating stunning, high-performance display banners includes Adobe Photoshop and HTML5, along with Greensock Animation, SVG drawing & Morph SVG. Once your animated ad has been rendered and saved, you can download it for free in Video or Animated GIF format.

You can then insert the banner in question directly from the site after you have downloaded it at least once. Animated banner ads significantly outperform static banner ads, and those that are well-designed don't distract from the ad message. With PixTeller's animation creator, you can increase the conversion rate of your banners exponentially by customizing these banner animation templates to fit the needs of your brand and business. Creating an effective animated banner ad requires knowledge of design principles as well as technical skills. Fortunately, even without knowing how to create animated banners, it is possible to create a great animation that serves as an advertising banner with online solutions like Viewst.

Steve Fleshner
Steve Fleshner

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