Can you upload a gif to google display ad?

You can upload image ads such as GIF, JPG and PNG. Creating assets or images with specific sizes can offer more granularity for displaying individual images that you can report on than for responsive search ads. However, there are some specifications for standard image ads in Google Ads. Acceptable image types include GIF, JPG, and PNG with a maximum size of 150 KB.

Please note that sizes vary by pixel and style. Below is an example of a standard square image ad. It is 1000% compatible with the gif format. Do you wear the right sizes? It only supports specific sizes, such as 250x250px or 300x600px, etc.

Also, if the problem was related to an incorrect animation, it wouldn't be validated later, but you could definitely upload gifs to your campaign. Ads must be in PNG, JPG or GIF* format. Your ad size should not exceed 150 kb. Google Ads does not allow text (including logos with text) that covers more than 20% of the image or animated images (such as GIFs) and will not be accepted.

Steve Fleshner
Steve Fleshner

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