Can i use gif in display ads?

Specifications for uploaded display ads Acceptable image types include GIF, JPG, and PNG with a maximum size of 150 KB. Please note that sizes vary by pixel and style. Below is an example of a standard square image ad. GIF files are 8-bit, meaning they can only display 256 colors.

When you create HTML5 digital ads, you have around 16.7 million colors to choose from. On the high-end (retina) screens we have today, an 8-bit GIF quickly becomes very boring. Other than that, GIFs cannot respond to different size requirements. While HTML5 ads are designed to adapt, they are created using separate files, allowing them to enter and reduce their size.

When it comes to banner copy, always keep the word limit lower than 10 because banners have a comparatively smaller space and you can't be generous with text. However, you can experiment with modern typography that catches the eye of the viewer. With animated gif banner ads, you can bring boring typography to life with visual effects. Ads must be in PNG, JPG or GIF* format.

Your ad size should not exceed 150 kb. GIFs are perfect for capturing your content in small animations and using them to improve the reach of your ads. Since most ad networks or demand side platforms (DSPs) have a limit of 150 kb, it is wise to choose HTML5 instead of GIF. Pre-made GIFs aren't the ideal choice for establishing credibility and optimizing your brand's market value.

GIFs request a reaction from your customers: a laugh, intrigue or amazement, which motivates them to share it with their colleagues. Banner ads come in all sizes, as there is no one-size-fits-all formula for all animated GIF ads. GIFs are now universally accepted by all ad networks (as long as they don't exceed the maximum size of 150 kb). In addition, to save you more time and energy, we design professional GIF banners so that you can only edit them on behalf of your company, save them and use them for your own marketing campaign.

More than 1 billion GIFs are shared by people of all ages on the Internet, making it one of the most shared forms of content. But what is so special about GIFs? Is it just another Internet fad or does the argument in favor of GIFs and animated content in marketing have merit? GIFs have the ability to prompt the consumer to make a buying decision by incorporating small directional and trigger signals to the CTA and impacting their actions. No matter how important the text or image is, incorporate a brand souvenir element into your animated banners in GIF format. For example, I'll tell you what steps you need to follow to create animated gif banners for your digital strategy, but you can customize these steps and use them with your own style.

While digital billboards allow you to use images and videos for your ads, GIFs are attractive, inexpensive, eye-catching, and easier to create than a video.

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