Can You Set a GIF as Your Discord Profile Picture?

Discord Nitro subscribers have the option to set animated GIFs as their profile pictures. There are two ways to make a Discord GIF PFP: using Tenor GIFs or loading GIFs from your device. If you want to create a GIF from a video, MiniTool MovieMaker may be a good choice. For smooth performance, Discord has limited the GIF size to less than 8 MB.

It's also recommended that you use a wireless device that supports the 5 GHz band instead of 2.4 GHz. Adding GIFs to Discord is easy - just drag and drop them from the source. The Nitro version promotes animated discord profile images, but what if you can't afford it? Is it still possible to get great animated discord profile pictures? Yes! You can get a profile discord GIF without Discord Nitro. This section will cover this necessary topic.

GIFs are everywhere, so it's great to adapt to the current trends that young people follow to keep up with technological developments. Discord has several features and one of them helps you create a Discord GIF profile picture, which means you can upload an animated PFP to your profile. We will explain in detail the steps on how to set up Discord GIF profile picture, but first, you need to have a Discord Nitro subscription. If you don't have one, Anime GIFs for Discord will not move.

If the previous solution didn't fix your Discord GIFs not working, updating your router software will do the job. To set up a gif on the Discord profile photo, you must have Discord Nitro nowadays, as many VOIP applications are available on the Internet, among them Discord is becoming popular. So it won't let you upload the GIF in the first place, and if it does, it won't play the animated GIF or you'll be faced with Discord GIFs not working. Before reviewing the meaning of a GIF on Discord, it's essential to understand what it generally means. Before creating a Discord GIF PFP, you need to know the requirements for the Discord profile picture.

I hope the solutions above helped you create a Discord GIF profile picture (PFP) and resolved that your Discord GIFs don't work.

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